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Valencia Oranges

Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit

Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit

Featured Selections!

The Most Popular Orange in the World!

Valencias are the most widely planted orange variety in the world.  Why?  The flavor is the quintessential orange!  They hang on the tree longer than any other variety, soaking up our Florida Sunshine and getting sweeter every day.

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Valencias and Ruby Red Grapefruit!
The Ultimate in Sweetness!

FREE SHIPPING!  We're highlighting this combo because it's really good.  Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit in one box of peak quality fruit.  Make Springtime it's own Special Occasion, and celebrate with this box of Florida Sunshine!  Choose sizes to fit any family.

See Valencias and Grapefruit here....

And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen....

We are Grapefruit fanatics, and our harvest schedule follows the peak maturity of Grapefruit throughout the season.  We're harvesting in Lake County right now, and are into an excellent crop of heirloom "Ruby Reds".  If you're a Grapefruit Lover, now's the time!

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Here's a wonderful testimonial, one of many we receive, printed with permission:

"Last year was the first time I'd ordered fruit online. Was I glad I did. I ordered the Honeybells and could not get enough of them. I told everyone I know about them. I started this year with Pages and Honeyball grapefruit with the Honeybells on order. My order came today and didn't even make it in the door, I ripped open the boxes, ran inside and tried them. It makes you feel like your cheating on a diet or something, they are like a special treat each time you open one. Thank you for your dedication, growing sunshine on a tree and shipping it to everyone.

Your forever customer, S.R."
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