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    It's Honeybell Time in Florida!

Honeybells  - FREE SHIPPING!!

Short Time, One of a Kind Special!

We almost never offer packs of all Honeybells as a Special, but Right Now is the opportunity to stock your fridge with some seriously delicious Honeybells.  We have a big crop of second bloom 'Bells, so we'll be shipping through February this year.  Order now - won't last long!

See Honeybell Free Shipping Special Here....

Honeybells and Grapefruit F
ree Shipping!

Another Rare Opportunity for Grapefruit Lovers!

A perennial favorite selection, Ruby Red Grapefruit with Sweet 'N Juicy Honeybells.  Now available in February -- a VERY Rare Event!  No fridge is complete without these beauties.

See Honeybells and Grapefruit Special Here...

Ruby Red Grapefruit Free Shipping!

The Beginning of Spring Grapefruit!

Ruby Red Grapefruit just get sweeter as the season marches on.  February is the beginning of the period in which Grapefruit have seriously gourmet flavor.  We have a very nice crop this year, so we're happy to be able to offer them as a Free Shipping Special!

See Ruby Red Grapefruit Here....

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