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Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit

Valencia Oranges
Welcome Orange Barn Customers!  The Orange Shop is now your host for ordering Fruit Gifts online.  The store is still open, and you're welcome to place your orders there, as always.


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The Orange Shop Story

Meet Pete and Cindy close up!  The Southern Foodways Alliance kindly produced a short video about The Orange Shop.  We're honored to have been chosen, and grateful for their work! 

Click Here to see 6 minute video!

Featured Selections!

Very Rare, Delicious, Juicy

The Orange Shop continues our effort to bring you more citrus varieties than any shipper world wide with the introduction of Ortaniques.  Another variety that originated in Jamaica.  Flavor that's right up there with the best, and very juicy.  Never available in grocery stores - break free and try a truly unique experience!  Available for a short time only.

See Ortaniques Here....

The Number One Orange World Wide!

There are more Valencia Orange trees in the world than any other single variety -- for good reason!  They take over a year to mature, which means that their flavor is deep, rich, and sweet.  And Florida is hands-down the best place to grow them!

See Valencias Here....

Valencias and Grapefruit!
Free Shipping on Spring Favorites!

We welcome Valencias each Spring, and it's also the time when the Ruby Red Grapefruit reach their peak flavor of the season.  It's almost impossible to adequately describe the delicious, fragrant, delicate taste of these two headliners.  Brighten up your day, and indulge friends and family with the epitome of Florida Sunshine!

See Valencias and Grapefruit here...

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