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Page Oranges

Authentic "Grove" Basket

Citra Navel Oranges
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You're not going to believe how many new items we're introducing this year.  Even MORE fruit varieties, which means lots more Combos, and many new Baskets, Deluxes, Bakery and Sweets.  (Hint -- There's a number of new Holiday Gifts -- and Honeybells -- if you're in the mood to shop early)

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November Special
FREE SHIPPING on Authentic Grove Baskets!!

Authentic Grove Baskets were the first citrus gifts shipped from Florida -- originally on railroads!  We honor our legacy and heritage this year by kicking off the fruit season with a FREE SHIPPING offer on them.  Imagine a Thanksgiving Dinner with a Grove Basket, either All Fruit or Deluxe, as the ultimate tribute to your family's "Bountiful Harvest"!

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Ruby Red Grapefruit Free Shipping!
Available For Immediate Shipment

SWEET Early season grapefruit -- get your citrus season jump started with a great deal.  No coupon necessary! 

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