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Temple Oranges

Temples and Honey Tangerines

Seville "Sour" or "Bitter" Oranges
Welcome Orange Barn Customers!  The Orange Shop is now your host for ordering Fruit Gifts online.  The store is still open, and you're welcome to place your orders there, as always.

Featured Selections!

Temple and Honey T Combos!

Sitting on the fence about trying our Spring Gourmet Temple Oranges and Honey Tangerines?  Well, here's your chance to take the plunge at a great price.  Enjoy both exceptional varieties, and pick your favorite!

Choose Temple and Honey T Packs Here...

It's Temple Time!
The "King of Citrus"

Many of our most loyal customers wait for this time of year with anticipation.  The Temple Orange is an heirloom variety known as the King of Citrus in it's heyday during the 1950's.  Delicate and complex flowery flavors are memorable and delicious.  Easy to peel, each one is a delight.

See Temples Here....

Honey Tangerines!
Fragrance and Flavor

We enjoy all varieties of citrus when they're nice and ripe, but Honey Tangerines are one of our all time favorites.  Easy-peelers, unique honey-like flavor.  In our opinion, they are far superior to Honeybells, and those cute little tangerines from California are not in even in the same league.

Find out for yourself!

See Honey Tangerines here....

NEW!  Spring Citrus Sampler!
Gourmet Assortment of Citrus

Temple Oranges, Honey Tangerines, and Sweet Spring Ruby Red Grapefruit at a great price!  A Tower of three Sampler Size boxes with one variety in each, or a full 3 tray version with the same mix.  Fragrant, juicy spring varieties are every bit as delicious as the big headliners.

Two Sizes!  Low Price for a Premium Assortment!

Order Spring Samplers Here....

Seville "Sour" Oranges!
Prized by Chefs Everywhere

NOTE!  This fruit is ONLY for cooking and baking because they are very bitter and sour.

The Orange Shop is the place for Seville Oranges, shipped nationwide in lots of different size packs.  Key ingredient for true Bitter Orange Marmalade, Mojo Criollio marinade, and if you have a little Florida Cracker in your blood, Sour Orange Pie (recipe link on product page).

See Seville Oranges Here.....


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