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Orange Blossom Honey

2 Month Custom Club Plan

2 Month Plans

August 1, 2014

Pre-Ordering for the 2014-15 Season is Open!  Order now to save money before the prices are updated.  The next shipping day for fruit packs is November 7, 2014!

Summer Pre-Ordering allows you to save money, and of course it helps us get ready for next season, so it's win-win, and greatly appreciated! 
Just remember that the first shipments will be going out in November.

Featured Selections!
Available During the Summer:

Tropical Jellies and Marmalades!

If you haven't shopped our selection before, you'll be amazed at all the flavors that you can enjoy or send friends and family for any occasion all year long?  So you've had a burning desire for Tangerine Jelly?  No problem -- we've got it, along with all the traditional favorites.

Send 4 jars here.....

Orange Blossom Honey!

Enjoy the "fruits" of the "Busy Bees" that work hard each spring to visit each and every Orange Blossom on our trees.  Along with pollinating our flowers, it's nice of them to provide such a delicacy.  Simply the finest honey available anywhere, with a hint of Orange Blossom Perfume (really!).

See Orange Blossom Honey Here...

Available for Pre-Order:

Free Shipping on Monthly Plans!
THE Absolute LOWEST Price of the Season!

It's time for our annual big sale on Monthly Plans.  The package price is $5.00 off -- and it's last season's price -- with totally FREE shipping.  You can schedule an entire season or just your favorite months, and don't forget friends and family!  Sale runs for a short time, and helps us get prepared for the season.

See Standard Monthly Plans here....

Customize Monthly Plans here....

Here's a wonderful testimonial, one of many we receive, printed with permission:

"Last year was the first time I'd ordered fruit online. Was I glad I did. I ordered the Honeybells and could not get enough of them. I told everyone I know about them. I started this year with Pages and Honeyball grapefruit with the Honeybells on order. My order came today and didn't even make it in the door, I ripped open the boxes, ran inside and tried them. It makes you feel like your cheating on a diet or something, they are like a special treat each time you open one. Thank you for your dedication, growing sunshine on a tree and shipping it to everyone.

Your forever customer, S.R."
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