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Florida Oranges

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Citra Navel Oranges
From $28.99 - Our specialty - simply the best!
Fallglo Tangerines
From $29.99. First Tangerine of the season.
Citra Navels and Pages Combo
From $51.99. Our Premium Combo! Boxes full of Flavor!
Page Oranges
From $36.99. Petite size fruit, considered to have the finest flavor of any citrus.
Pages, Navels, and Grapefruit Combo Pack
From $45.99 - Our Tangerine Tango with PAGES!
Tangy Tangerine Tango
From $45.99 - Nov to March. Oranges, Grapefruit, and Tangerines Combo.
First and Last Honeybells
From $59.98 for two boxes in January. Free shipping on the second box!
Honeybell Mini-Deluxe
$26.99 - Perfect for a January Surprise
Honeybell Sampler
$25.99 - Honeybells in a Sampler Size
Honeybell and Navel Sampler
$37.99 - Honeybells and Navels in a Sampler Size
Florida Tangerines and Citra Navels
From $36.99 - Easy-peeling sweet Tangerines and Citra Navels
Orlando Tangelos and Citra Navels
From $34.99 - Easy-peeling sweet Tangelos and Citra Navels
Sunshine Deluxe Oranges and Tangerines
From $43.99 - The Classic Florida Citrus Deluxe
Florida Rainbow
$52.99 - Oranges, Tangelos, Tangerines, and Ruby Red Grapefruit
Orlando Tangelos
From $28.99 - Easy-peeling sweet Tangelos.
The Ultimate Bushel!
$77.99 - Bushel of Pages, Sunburst, Orlandos, and Navels. THE Ultimate!
Sunburst, Orlandos, and Navels Combo Pack
From $45.99. The Original Dudley Street Special!
Sunburst Tangerines and Orlando Tangelos Combo Pack
From $34.99 - Easy-peeling Tangerines and sweet Tangelos.
Florida Sunshine Deluxe
$59.99 Our "Florida Sunshine" Gift Packed with Delicacies!
Florida "Sunburst" Tangerines
From $29.99 - Easy-peeling and juicy tangerines.
Bonus Box
From $44.99 - Citra Navels, Orlando Tangelos, and Ruby Red Grapefruit.
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