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Valencia Oranges

Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit

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March 12, 2014
According to USDA regulations, no further shipments to CA, TX, LA, NV or AZ for the remainder of the 2013-14 Season.  Shipments to these states will resume in November 2014.

"Honeyball" Grapefruit!
Honeyball Grapefruit
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"Honeyball" Grapefruit!
Available: Nov-April
 Honeyball Grapefruit
These small, extra-sweet grapefruit will make fans of anyone!  Around 40 years ago, our Dad, Harry Spyke, trademarked the Honeyball brand.  We grew grapefruit on the organic soils down around Davie, and they were always small, but very sweet.  Cindy became a grapefruit-lover with those great fruit when we were dating in college, so we've always had a "sweet spot" for Honeyballs.

Honeyballs are smaller than regular grapefruit, and the sugar levels often are as much as an orange.  If you're a grapefruit aficionado, we encourage you to give them a try.  You'll probably be hooked for life.

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Available November to April 1 Bushel Honeyball Grapefruit - Approx 40 lbs - $64.95
3/4 Bushel Honeyball Grapefruit - Approx 30 lbs - $55.95
1/2 Bushel Honeyball Grapefruit - Approx 20 lbs - $45.95
3/8 Bushel Honeyball Grapefruit - Approx 15 lbs - $37.95
1/4 Bushel Honeyball Grapefruit - Approx 10 lbs - $30.95
3/16 Bushel Honeyball Grapefruit - Approx 7.5 lbs - $24.95
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