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Rare Varieties

The Orange Shop's "Fruit Lovers Corner" is reserved for special citrus varieties and other specialty crops. The varieties and products offered here may be unique and in limited supply. 
It's the perfect place for all of you who like interesting and delicious culinary experiences!
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"Honeyball" Grapefruit Free Shipping Special
From $29.99. Small, sweet grapefruit will make fans of everyone. Free Shipping!
Orlando Tangelos and Honeyball Grapefruit Free Shipping Special
From $38.99 - Easy-peeling sweet Tangelos and Honeyball Grapefruit.
Orlando Tangelos and Citra Navels
From $38.99 - Easy-peeling sweet Tangelos and Citra Navels
Florida Rainbow
$56.99 - Oranges, Tangelos, Tangerines, and Ruby Red Grapefruit
Orlando Tangelos and Ruby Red Grapefruit
From $38.99 - Easy-peeling sweet Tangelos and Ruby Red Grapefruit.
Orlando Tangelos
From $29.99 - Easy-peeling sweet Tangelos.
Sunburst, Orlandos, and Navels Combo Pack
From $48.99. The Original Dudley Street Special!
Sunburst Tangerines and Orlando Tangelos Combo Pack
From $40.99 - Easy-peeling Tangerines and sweet Tangelos.
Robinson Tangerines
First Cousin of Page! Extremely Rare Gourmet Variety!
Seville "Sour" or "Bitter" Oranges
From $38.99. Sour Oranges used for true English Marmalade and Marinades.
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