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Navels 'n Bells

Sweet 'n Juicy Honeybells

Jumbo Bushel of 'Bells
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There are no further shipments of Honeybells or Navels to CA, TX, AZ, LA, or NV for the 2014-15 Season. The next shipment to these destinations will be 2/20/15, so please order Temples, Honey Tangerines or Grapefruit. We're still shipping everything to all other destinations. Thanks!

Sweet 'n Juicy Honeybells
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Sweet 'n Juicy Honeybells
Ships in January

Honeybells are legendary.  They're a unique variety that has created legions of aficionados over the years.  If you're one of them, we understand why.

Honeybells are by far the most difficult variety of citrus to grow, so each fruit is precious.  We are super-careful during harvesting and shipping to make sure that they will reach you and your friends and family fresh, juicy, and ready to delight with each one.

The Orange Shop started shipping Honeybells decades before they were popularized.  You can be assured that yours will have excellent flavor.

*** Note -- We harvest Honeybells when they are at peak sweetness.  Often, they're not quite ready in early January, so if you order, please be patient.  We will harvest your Honeybells as soon as they are ready to go, typically around mid-month.
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