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Juice Squeezing

A lot of our customers ask us if we can ship the fresh-squeezed citrus juice that we offer in The Orange Shop.  We've tried to do that on an experimental basis, and have found that the cost is very high, the risk of spoilage is unacceptable, and the only possible solution involves freezing the juice before shipping.  So, by far the most cost effective solution is for us to ship you the fruit, and then squeeze it fresh in your home -- there's nothing in the world like fresh-squeezed citrus juice for fragrance and flavor.

At The Orange Shop, we like to say that our orange juice is kind of like gumbo -- we squeeze all the varieties we have at the time, and the combination of orange, tangerine, tangelo and other varieties provides for an interesting and pleasing flavor with every batch, and they're all a little bit different.

The best way for you to duplicate this experience at home is to order one of the many variety combination packs we offer through the season, and then experiment with different blends.  A combination of Navels, Sunburst Tangerines, and Orlando Tangelos will have you wishing for more when you squeeze the last one, and a Spring combo of Temples and Honey Tangerines arguably makes the finest juice you've ever tasted.  But, don't take our word for it -- try it for yourself!

Here are a couple of inexpensive and good quality juicers to get you started.  After you've selected one of them, order up a box of fruit, and get ready for some seriously good juice!


This one is a simple juicer that would look good on the countertop.  Basic model, appears to be sturdy, and a very reasonable price.  We haven't tried it, but Martha Stewart gave it a shout out.  Refurbished units available at a discount.  Check it out here......

Cuisinart Citrus Juicer

Our personal favorite -- this is the one we have on our counter at home.  Pulp Control feature really works, and it has fast-spin cycle that gets every drop of juice when you finish up squeezing.  Lower price than the CitriStar, and widely available.  Find a retailer here.....

Proctor Silex "Lemonade Stand" Juicer

Recently received good reviews, and a low price.  Has the advantage of collecting the juice in a container.  Pulp control feature, too.  Available a lot of places, or from Proctor Silex here....

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