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Our Environmental Philosophy

Conservationist of the YearWe are Award-Winning Leaders in Conservation
We take the long view on things.  A citrus grove is a biological community that includes many different components.  Our approach is to manage the groves in a way that the fruit is plentiful and good-tasting, while creating an environment that is high in biodiversity and with no off site negative impacts.  In fact, we have designed and managed groves that created positive environmental effects -- the environment was improved as a result of our management practices.  Long-term studies in cooperation with the University of Florida have confirmed that our management approaches are beneficial, and our track record is exemplary.
Many people ask if we grow organic fruit.  We have in the past operated Certified Organic farms, and are well-versed in organic production techniques and approaches.  However, we have chosen to not pursue organic certification at this time for a number of reasons.  We do, however, believe in the philosophy of organic production, and continue to utilize most of the growing practices. 
We do not attempt to grow perfect-looking fruit, for example.  The measures necessary to produce perfection require extra applications of pesticides, so we forego that preoccupation with appearance and instead focus on fruit flavor, and balance our programs with due regard to the overall impacts of our growing practices.
Florida Grower CoverAre we on the right track?  We think so, and apparently others agree.  We have received numerous awards and recognitions, and growers from all over the world visit our groves to learn from us.  And, we've gone to many other citrus-producing areas around the world to learn more from our fellow growers, too. 
We don't believe in keeping secrets, either -- we hope that our leadership will be a force for positive change, and we are completely transparent.  We publish in horticultural journals, write and appear in grower magazine articles, and make presentations to a steady stream of committees and agencies.
We promise this -- when someone enjoys a fruit from The Orange Shop, they can be assured that it is safe, nutritious, and flavorful.  After all, the ultimate confirmation of our efforts is the continued popularity our fruit, year after year.  As with everything we do, it's ultimately all about you.
Thank you for the opportunity you provide us, and please do not hesitate to inquire further about the way we conduct our business.
Pete and Cindy Spyke
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