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Package Sizes

Note: The fruit is packed in trays, which fit inside the shipping box to protect the fruit. They are standard sizes, regardless of the kinds of fruit they contain. The weight of the fruit, and the number of fruit per tray, will vary depending on the size of the fruit. Trays that contain large fruit, such as Navels or Grapefruit, will weigh more and have fewer fruit per tray than varieties with smaller fruit.

1 Bushel
4 Tray
Approx 24-32 lbs of Fruit
48-72 Oranges
32-48 Grapefruit
Mixed packs are 1/2 each
Temples and Grapefruit shown
3/4 Bushel
3 Tray
Approx 18-24 lbs of Fruit
36-54 Oranges
24-36 Grapefruit
Mixed packs are 2/3 oranges,
1/3 grapefruit
Temples and Grapefruit shown
1/2 Bushel
2 Tray
Approx 12-16 lbs of Fruit
24-36 Oranges
16-24 Grapefruit
Mixed packs are 1/2 each
Temples and Grapefruit Shown
Jumbo Tray
Approx 8 -12 lbs of Fruit
10-15 Oranges/Tangerines
and 4-6 Grapefruit
Trios packs are 1/3 each
Citrus Triple Treat shown
1/4 Bushel
1 Tray
Approx 6 - 8 lbs of Fruit
12-18 Oranges
8-12 Grapefruit
Mixed packs are 1/2 each
Temple Oranges Shown
3/16 Bushel
Approx 4-6 lbs of Fruit
8-14 Oranges
5-8 Grapefruit
Single Variety Only
Temple Oranges Shown

Note:  Packages with Page, Robinson, Clementine, Sunburst, and other Varieties with smaller fruit weigh less than the same box of Navels, Grapefruit, or other larger fruit.

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