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Payment/Credit Cards

Payment Methods

The standard method is to pay with a credit card, of course.  We can process all the major cards.  You may store your credit card information for future use, and no operator can view or access the information.

Problems with Credit Card Authorization

We use the tightest security settings available, and sometimes it will trip you up when completing an order.  The most common problems are inadvertent mistakes when entering the card number, expiration date, security code, or billing zip code.  If your card doesn't go through the first time, and you try it again with the same information, the system may lock you out for a period of time.  The best thing to do is check over to make sure all the digits are in the right place, and if they weren't, just sit tight a bit then try it again with the corrected information.

Expiration Date Issues with Stored Cards

If you choose to store your card information on the system, the expiration date and security code are included.  If your credit card company issues you a card with the same account number but a new expiration date, our system won't know that this has occurred, so if you click on the stored version of the card it will be declined.  

So, if you receive a card with an updated expiration date, you'll need to delete the card as it was previously stored, even if the account number hasn't changed, and then re-enter it as a new card with the updated expiration date.  You'll then be all set until the card you're using goes out of date.
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