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Page Oranges
Here are comments from our customers about Page Oranges.  There's nothing like that first bite of a Page.
  A USDA cross between Honeybell and Clementine, the flavor is simply unbelievable!  Exclusively from The Orange Shop.

  • I ordered a total of 6 trays of all Page oranges since Thanksgiving. These are THE SWEETEST most delectable little oranges we have ever encountered! They were shipped carefully and arrived on time and in perfect condition. These oranges are the 'nectar of the gods'! Although the Page oranges are fine 'eating' oranges, my grandson made a batch of juice with them and our eyes were rolling in our heads at the most magnificent tasting fresh squeezed juice any of us had ever tasted. K.M.
  • The Pages and your navels are amazing but the Page has become our favorite. This is the second year we have received them from our friend.  After we oohed and aahed over them the first year, she knew she could just send the same thing over and over to make us happy.  Our grandkids also agreed that they were delicious.  Thank you for growing them (the oranges, not the grandkids).  D.F.
  • We received our fruit today and with 3 feet of snow here and -30 temps.  We really tied into the box of Page Oranges thinking all the time of Florida.  The shipment was on time and well packed and truly delicious.  Excellent service. Thank you.  R.K.
  • Hi folks, I just received your box of Page oranges this afternoon and, WOW!   The oranges in the supermarket do not deserve to be called by the same name.  What amazing flavor and the juice! I needed two paper towels to eat one orange. To say that these page oranges went above and beyond, is a drastic understatement.  A.C.

  • "I want to thank you for the AMAZING Page oranges! My husband and I love them - they are sweet juicy and simply delicious. Thank you for all that you do to provide an amazing product to those of us who live up north during these winter months."  T.C.
  • "Got my 2nd order back on Friday. I don't remember what the small oranges are that are packed in with the navels <they were Pages>, but my Lord are they good! For the 1st time ever, my husband is eating an orange with seeds, intentionally, over a navel orange! They are so good!"  E.S.
  • "I ordered Page Oranges and Honeybell Tangerines for Valentine's Day for my husband. Not only did they arrive ON Valentine's Day, they were incredibly sweet and juicy. I have never tasted anything like this! These oranges are incredible -- there isn't a modicum of decorum when it comes to eating one. We devour every bite and lap up every drop!! Next year, I'll be ordering bushels!"  W.T.
  • "I just got my box of Honeybells and Page oranges and I must say the Page oranges are everything that the reviews said. These are the best oranges that I have ever had, hands down. Juicy, sweet, and delicious!!!  Thank you for offering these and I have already ordered more!"   K.G.
  • "Oh, my gosh. Are these even legal? I have never had a more flavorful, juicier orange in my life. There's like a pint of juice in every orange. Well, okay, that's an exaggeration. But they are indeed very juicy, and you Will need a paper towel. I had 3/4 a bushel sent ahead of me for Christmas to my folk's, and was pleasantly surprised they arrived in just 8 days, and before Christmas. Everyone agreed that these are the best - which brings me to my only regret: regular oranges taste dry and bland now; I have been forever spoiled."  G.T.
  • "These oranges are absolutely incredible! So delicious, so juicy. As my husband said, it was like we'd been eating imitation oranges all our lives until we tasted these!"  E.C.
  • " These are absolutely the best oranges I've ever tasted!"  S.M.
  • "I ordered these in December because of the glowing description and the free shipping deal. I was a little nervous because they seemed expensive to me. I have to say, this is the BEST $$$ I ever spent on fruit! The oranges we suffer thru from the market should be banned! These little beauties are fabulously sweet and juicy! I have ordered 4 more large boxes as gifts this month...including another box for myself!"  J.S.
  • "I ordered Page oranges recently and truly have never tasted such delicious oranges in my life. I bought 3/4 of a bushel, not really knowing how much actually would arrive. There were many of them and all were unbelievable in taste. What i couldn't eat, I turned into juice and was planning to freeze it, but that just never happened because you just can't get enough!! With this order, i will purchase Temples and hope they are as good in quality as the Page oranges. Please keep me on your mailing list. Thank you!"  C.S.
  • " Best oranges ever IMO. They're small, so just eat two at a time!"  J.H.
  • "Brought some of these home last week and they are gone!!! Delicious and want more! This place is great!"  E.T.
  • "Yummy, yummy! I'm eating one of your delicious Page Oranges right now. The best flavor of them all!"  S.B.
  • "Just received our box of Page oranges, navels, and grapefruit. Could not have asked for anything better. So far my husband and I have each had a Page orange. What a treat! So sweet, not at all like anything you would find in the grocery store. Can't wait to have a honey-topped broiled grapefruit for dessert."  S.Z.
  • "These oranges were delicious. We use them for juice and it is amazing how much juice comes out of that tiny little orange."  D.B.
  • "These little oranges are sooo goooood! Sweet and very flavorful. The best I've ever had- and we will be getting more. Stored them in a cool somewhat moist cellar and they did just fine- ate the last one this week. A little hard to peel because the flesh is delicate and they really are full of seeds- but who cares - eating them is nirvana!"  C.T.
  • "I fell in love with Page Oranges while living in Florida in the late 80's. Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around the craving starts again. After moving back to Utah, I've struggled to find a source that I can afford and that could ship them to me intact. Several Florida shippers have disappointed.
  • In 2010, I happened upon the LocalHarvest posting for The Orange Shop. Pages were offered with free shipping. I couldn't resist. They took longer than expected to arrive, but when they got here, WOW! They were some of the largest and tastiest I've ever had.  So for 2011 I decided to be a repeat customer hoping that last year's product wasn't a fluke.  My order was placed on 11/25 and arrived today, 12/7, in Salt Lake City.  Between the five of us we peeled and ate most of a tray tonight. The Pages were outstanding again."  S.H.
  • "The oranges are a beautiful bright orange and vary in size from golf ball to tennis ball. But don't judge them by their size! Where they really shine is in the flavor: sweet, almost like a honey tangerine, and juicy. Absolutely delicious. Many of the smaller oranges are seedless so far, with the larger ones containing seeds. I would definitely order these again for myself or as a gift."  A.H.
  • "I purchased a three-way box (oranges, grapefruits, tangerines) twice over the winter. In both cases the fruit was phenomenal. When the first shipment of arrived, my son devoured several tangerines [Pages] standing at the counter with the juice dripping down his arms."  J.E.
  • "I got my order about a week ago and these oranges are delicious. The top tray was full of small oranges (about the size of a jumbo egg) so they were very seedy but the flavor compensated for the tiny size. When I got to the second and third tray there was a mixture of larger and a couple more tiny ones. The larger ones don't have as many seeds so that's a plus. I am very happy with them. My only regret is that I didn't order more (I probably will order more today). 
I gave some to my dad, my grandma, my boyfriend and I will use the remaining ones for my Christmas ham which I'm kinda worried that I won't be able to get the full flavor of the citrus when I cook it because I've never done it with fresh citrus before and I don't wanna mess it up. Dad and grandma loved them. These are sooooo good that you have to share them. I also want to make marmalade with these which I think will be better than any marmalade I've ever tasted. I'm definitely going to save some juice and zest for next year's Thanksgiving cranberry sauce (I can't wait!). No joke guys, this is the best orange ever. My only other complaint is that I had to lay off of them for a while because the skin is very thin and it got under my nails and pushed my skin back which caused me a lot of pain when I tried to peel them but it was worth it. I just couldn't get enough of them so I ate like 10 of them on the first day so that is probably what caused my problem.

A few more tips:

1. Don't knead them before peeling. This is a very juicy orange and when you knead it and try to peel it the skin is very thin and its easy to puncture the pulp and all the juice runs out which is not good when you want to eat the segments.

2. Think twice before cutting out the sections. When I tried to cut into them the juice runs out and they are pretty delicate so its easy to press too hard and ruin the fruit. I also suspect that since its a smaller orange that the sections are very small so you wouldn't get as much fruit as you would if you eat it whole. But if you're a pro, go for it.

3. Be very gentle with them. Since the skin is so thin, they are very delicate and easy to juice or puncture with a finger, etc. and if you want the full flavor of the orange in each section you have to be very careful.

4. The seeds are easy to remove. The seeds are usually at the top of the membrane so they're easy to spot and eliminate but if you're giving them to kids I can see how it could be a problem for some parents. Kids probably wouldn't choke on the seeds because they're waaaay too small to choke on.

5. Be sure to zest them, even if you plan to eat it whole because the zest is the most fragrant that I've ever had. It would be so great in desserts and other dishes like candied yams.

Its just an amazing little fruit. I will definitely be ordering more before the season is out. Thank you Orange Shop!"  V.B.

  • "I just wanted to let you know that your assorted citrus package [Pages, Navels, Grapefruit] I got drew RAVE reviews from the co-workers and family I shared them with. At least two have asked for your information to order their own. Have a great New Year!"  LM
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