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Frequently Asked Questions
Why are there two Monthly Plan options?  What's the difference?
We are really big on Monthly Plans, so we have much more flexibility than anyone else.  The "Custom" Club Plans allow you to select different package sizes and variety mix for each month -- you build the plan.  With the "Standard" Fruit Club Plans, you choose one package size and variety mix, and those criteria will be used for every month.  With both plans, you can pick the months.  We added the Standard Plan option for those who just want to make basic selections -- it's faster and simpler.

When I begin checking out, it looks like every package will be shipped to myself instead of my recipients.


If this occurs, a recipient was not specified for each gift before it was added to cart.  If a recipient is not specified for any gift, it will ship to you.  If you want gifts to be shipped to someone else, you'll have to take a minute to enter your recipients before adding them to the cart.  Once you do, their name be saved for future use.


Recipient Selection Process:


1)  Choose either yourself, a previous recipient, or new recipient from top shipping drop-down list
Click the drop down arrow in the box below the message "Please select recipient before Adding to Cart".  Then click, not just point, on either "Ship to yourself", a Name you've entered previously, or on "New - continue to type first name below".

2)  When adding a new recipient, you only need to type in at least their first name in the second box as shown below.  You will then be asked later for their complete information when checking out.

3)  After Steps 1 and 2 are complete as shown above, finish this gift selection by clicking “Add to Cart” to send this gift to checkout. 
After you've completed the order for this gift and recipient, just start over for the next one by selecting another product.  Only enter a number of gifts more than 1 if you want to ship more than one box to a recipient.  Repeat until you're finished shopping, then click Proceed to Checkout.  All necessary information will be requested at that point.
The new recipient’s name will appear in the top drop-down in the future.  When you finish shopping and proceed to checkout, you'll be asked for their address and other shipping information.  It will all be saved for future use, so shopping will be much easier and faster the next time you log in.
When I finish checking out and get the confirmation page, I don’t see the names of the recipients of the gifts I ordered.


The shipping and billing address is the same on the confirmation page because that's your credit card information.  If the recipients were properly entered during checkout, the packages will ship correctly.
Can I go back and add a recipient after I've added a gift to the Cart?
The designation of the gift recipient must take place before it's added to the cart.  If this step was missed, just remove the gift without a recipient from the cart by clicking on the "x" on the right of the description in the cart, and then reorder the gift, adding the recipient before adding it to the cart.  Hint:  If you cut and paste the gift message, it'll take only a minute or so.
After clicking Proceed to Checkout, the shipping address page is already filled out with my shipping address information.  Should I enter the address of the person who will be receiving the gift instead?
Whatever information is entered into your shipping address form becomes your shipping address in the future.  If you enter someone else's address, that will be saved as your shipping address.  If you intended the gift for someone else and your shipping address comes up instead of theirs, a recipient was not specified before adding that gift to the cart.  Just go to View Cart and cancel that gift by clicking the "x", then reorder with the recipient specified.  See steps above.

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