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From $43.99. Easy-peeler Tangerines with Grapefruit.
From $42.99. The Most Exclusive Fruit in the World.
$82.99 - All Season. Our Most Extravagant Basket at a Value Price!
$65.99 (Best Basket Value). Send hugs to everybody!
Choose any two months during season, and any variety mix.
Choose any 3 months during season, any size package, and any variety mix for each month.
Choose any 4 months during season. Customize size and varieties.
From $31.99 - Feb and March. The "King of Citrus".
From $71.98 for two boxes in January. Free shipping on the second box!
From $53.99 - January Only. Citra Navels, Honeybells, and Ruby Red Grapefruit.
The Classic. All-Fruit boxes of Honeybells from $35.99.
From $51.99 - Nov to March. Oranges, Grapefruit, and Tangerines Combo.
From $31.99 - Our specialty - simply the best!
From $41.99 - Our most popular gift for over 7 decades.
A full season of Sunshine! Pre-Season Sale!
From $31.99 - For all the Grapefruit Lovers in your life. Nov-April.
From $9.99 - Chocolate Ameretto or Praline Crunch Pecans.
From $41.99. Sour Oranges used for true English Marmalade and Marinades.
$18.99 - Great Price for Authentic Southern Recipe Pecan Pie
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